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Pet wise in the month of November

Beat the vaccination rush!

November is the month where it suddenly dawns on pet owners that in order to have their pet accepted at their preferred kennel or  cattery, while they go off on their December break, that they need to get their pet’s vaccinations up to date.

Why this author just a few hours ago, got an sms reminder from their vet that their cat was due for its annual vaccination.

Most kennels wont accept dogs unless they’ve been vaccinated with the 5:1 annual vaccination, Rabies, and kennel cough. The 5 in 1 vaccination is for adenovirus, hepatitis, distemper, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

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The rationale is obvious and as a pet owner who does regularly vaccinate their pet, we’re quite sure that you’d value the kennel being strict on these requirements.

The kennels will require evidence from a vet that the vaccines are current and generally don’t accept pets that have just had their vaccinations administered days prior, as viruses can still spread shortly after the vaccine has been given.

So if you’re planning on sending your pet to a kennel or cattery, best to contact them now and find out their requirements and make your appointment at your local vet.

Many of the pet insurance products listed on our site offer a vaccination benefit as part of their offering, and others offer a day-to-day benefit which can be used for vaccinations too.

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