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Pet wise in the month of December

Options for pet care for when your family is on holiday

December is typically that time of year when families look to start going on their end-of-year holidays. For pet owners, this can be an anxious time of year as to how to ensure that your pets are properly cared for while you’re away.

We present three possible options for making sure that your fur friends are well-cared while you’re on vacation.

Get a Pet sitter

Pet sitting has the added benefit of having someone look after your home while you’re away. Many veterinary practices will list the services of seasoned pet sitters on their notice boards. Your animals will feel more comfortable in their own space, and this likely imposes the least amount of stress on your animal.

Compare pet insurance

Asking a neighbour or friend

If you’re only going away for a few nights, your chummy neighbour might be happy to come over daily, check on your animals, and ensure that they have sufficient food and fresh water. If you have a dog, this might be trickier, given that dogs require walking, and more attention than say, a cat would.

Kennel or cattery

If you’re not overly keen on the idea of some strange person living in your house and your last interaction with your neighbour was less than amicable, then sending your pets off to a cattery or kennel might be a good option. Be sure to book well in advance and ensure too that you understand all their rules around vaccinations. We wrote about this in our November newsletters, which you can find here.

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