5 top tips for the perfect dog beach day

The perfect family beach day wouldn’t be complete without your four-legged friend, so here’s how to ensure that your dog beach day s as perfect as can be!

For many South Africans, the warmer seasons are filled with many days spent under the sun, building sandcastles, eating chip rolls and making memories with the family – including the furry family members too!

Although your pup might love dog friendly beaches just as much as you do, they don’t always experience it the same way. Dogs aren’t able to regulate their body temperature through sweating alone, like us humans. They pant, hide out in the shade and drink cool water in order to cool down.

It is super-duper important to be prepared to keep your precious pooch cool and happy whilst at the beach. Luckily for you, we know exactly how!

How to have the perfect dog beach day

1.     Bring plenty of water

This might be an obvious one, but it is definitely the most important! Paw parents need to remember to pack lots of clean drinking water into the cooler box for your pooch to drink. If Spot starts to overheat, he will seek out cool drinking water and if you don’t have a bottle or two on hand, they will likely drink the ocean or lagoon water.

This can cause your pup to get sick from the high salt content or bacteria that might be present in the water. Don’t forget to bring along a dog bowl or a spare container for your pup to drink out of. Many paw parents will try and use their hands as a makeshift bowl; however, your pup will battle to get the amount of water that they need.

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A tail-wagging tip is to freeze a few bottles of water in the freezer the night before and keep these in your cooler box for your pup to lick later on in the way! This will keep your Coca-Cola cool and keep your pooch as cool as a cucumber!

2.     Create a shady spot

Providing your doggo with a shady spot to take a midday nap is imperative to ensure that they can cool themselves down during the day. The summer sun can be especially harsh and can cause your precious pet to get heatstroke if they don’t have a cool escape.

There are many ways to create a shady spot, such as with an umbrella, pop-up tent, or gazebo. Many of which you can find in your local hypermarket!

3.     Dig a hole (or get Rover to do this for you!)

Your pup will love this top tip too! Many South Africans are well-accustomed to the quick, tiptoe walk across the burning hot, midday sand to avoid your feet getting burnt. By digging a hole, you create a cool spot for your pawesome pet to stand and avoid burning their paw pads. With the help of your pooch, dig a hole that is big enough for Fluffy to sit in.

Consider using your beach bucket to fill the hole with cool, ocean water as an additional way to cool your doggie down. Not only is this a fun beach activity for the kiddies, but it is also a guaranteed way to cool a warm dog right down!

4.     Of course, splash around in the waves

Wading in the ocean waves is an easy, fun way to cool down – and is the reason many of us head down to the beach in the first place! Some dogs make a beeline to the waves as soon as their paws touch the sand, and others may be a bit hesitant to dive right in.

Ensure that your pup is a competent and confident swimmer before playing a game of catch in the waves. And of course, always keep an eye on your dog and ensure that they do not swim too deep.

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5.     Give your pooch a good grooming

Fluffy should be appropriately groomed before a summer day at the beach. Dogs that have unnecessarily long or matted hair are likely to get overheated faster as their fur traps the heat. Giving your pawfect pup a good trim will also make the post-beach bath much easier as there will be less hair to remove beach sand from!

And of course, don’t forget your doggie-friendly SPF! Just like humans, some dogs are susceptible to getting sunburnt after a day spent in the sun. Doggies that have just been groomed, or have white fur, light skin or simply like to suntan belly up are prone to getting sunburnt and should be lathered up with dog-friendly sunscreen.

You must use a sunscreen that has been specifically designed for canine use, as normal sunscreens may contain ingredients that are toxic for doggies and can cause harmful side effects.

Ask your veterinarian to recommend a doggie SPF if you battle to find one in your local pet store. You’re now ready for a fun-filled beach adventure with your furry friend in tow! Don’t forget your towels, hats and doggie beach essentials and you’re set for a perfect day under the sun!

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