7 Expert tips for rainy day dog walks

Rainy days are inevitable but that doesn’t mean dog walks are impossible. We’ve got some exceptional tips to ensure your dog walks are still enjoyable in the rain.

It’s not always possible to nail down the perfect time to take your dog for a walk. The weather is unpredictable but you can’t deny your pup the joy of stretching their legs outside. Even if it’s just for a short time.

There are some simple things you can do to ensure your rainy walk with your doggo is not only a success but super enjoyable too!

Our essential tips for walking your dogs in the rain

These tips are easy to remember and simple to implement.

  1. Check the weather ahead of time

    This one may seem obvious but if there’s an indication that it might rain, make sure you check the weather forecast. This way you’ll know if it’s just some light rain or a severe rainstorm on its way. It’s always recommended that if you suspect a rainstorm, don’t take your dog for a walk. Rainstorms often mean lightning and both of you will be susceptible to being hit by lightning when you’re walking out in the open.

    Not only that, but thunder and lightning can be really scary for your dog, making an enjoyable walk a nightmare.

    Make sure you assess the level of rain as well, smaller or older dogs struggle to walk well in wet weather.

  2. Invest in a doggy raincoat

    Your first thought may be, “that’s a little silly, it’s a dog, the rain won’t really bother them.” But the truth is, doggy raincoats will keep your furry friend dry and comfortable in the rain, especially if it’s a little chilly.

    They also keep your doggo relatively dry which makes your job a little easier when you’re home.

    Make sure you choose a raincoat that is the right size and suitable to your dog’s breed. Remember to remove your dog’s raincoat as soon as you’re home so they don’t overheat.

  3. Wear bright or reflective colours

    No matter the weather, bright and reflective coloured clothing are a great idea but in rainy weather, they’re essential.

    Rainy weather makes it a little more difficult for people to see so you and your doggo may not be visible if you wear clothes that aren’t noticeable.

    You can wear any reflective gear or colours that stand out easily among the grey tones of the rainy weather. You can also have your dog wear bright colours or a reflective collar so they’re noticeable too.

  4. Keep your doggo’s walks short

    Walking in rainy weather isn’t always pleasant but if it has been raining constantly for a few days, rather take your doggo on a couple of shorter walks.

    This will ensure your dog gets the exercise they need without it being frustrating for both of you.

  5. Take an alternate route when necessary

    If you usually walk a more intense route with many inclines and declines, it would be better to create a more rain-friendly route. You can use this route whenever the weather is wet to avoid slipping or any other potential risks.

    Stick to well-drained and flat streets with paving rather than dirt.

  6. Don’t let your dog drink rainwater

    Dogs don’t discriminate between different bodies of water (case and point – doggos who love a little toilet water).

    Not all water should be consumed by your dog though, rainwater included. Rainwater is filled with dirt and bacteria, and sometimes even chemicals that can harm your pet.

    Bring along a dog-friendly water bottle to keep your furry friend hydrated during your walk.

  7. Have a towel ready for when you get back home

    As much as a raincoat can help, you and your doggo are going to be rather wet after your walk.

    Keep some dry towels by the front door so that when you get home, you can dry your feet and your dog can dry their paws and coat.

    Your fur friend is going to want to shake themselves which will mean your home will be filled with dirty water. Make sure you have a small area where you can dry your pooch off before they enter the rest of the home.

Your doggo still needs exercise even when it rains so by following these simple tips, you and your best friend can enjoy your walks to the fullest – even when it’s a little wet.

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