8 Signs Your Cat Loves You

Our furry feline family members may often leave us wondering whether we are a slave to their every need and begging for their unconditional love and attention by doing so, or, if just maybe – our cats really, truly love us.

It may often seem as though your little Whiskers doesn’t really care too much for you as he comes across as such an independent creature – but don’t be fooled by his solo ways! We’re breaking down all the signs your cat loves you even when it may not seem like it.

Cats, like dogs, are inherently affectionate, they just have a different way of showing their affection. If you learn to understand the little and often subtle cues from your cuddly cat, then you will be able to figure out that he or she really does love you in their own way of trying to connect with you.

Here are the top 8 signs your cat loves you:

1.     That dead bird your cat brought you while you were sitting on the couch

AdobeStock 321123391 scaledYup, that’s right folks – cats who bring their owners presents is your little hunter’s way of sharing his latest victim with you. This means that Whiskers loves you! He is expressing his gratitude for your love and care to him.

So, the next time you turn your nose up at that little toy he stole from the kid next door, or worse, the dead bird, lizard, or moth, think again about the thought that went into this kind gesture, even if it does kind of smell. Thank your furry friend and throw the dead bird away when he isn’t looking!

2.     Belly up!

AdobeStock 621530636 scaledThis gesture is not natural for a predator such as your beloved Whiskers as it shows that he is vulnerable, but if he starts doing this to you accompanied with the odd little purr or meow, then this is a sign of love. Cats will only show their tummies to those they trust and it shows that he feels safe around you.

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3.     A twitch of the tail

AdobeStock 91416654 scaledTails are used to express the mood of your cat. When Whiskers is angry or scared, you can see it fluff up and almost triple in size. When he twitches his tail, this has a whole different meaning. If your little furball twitches his tail at the tip, which is typically done whilst they are prancing around you, or rather, parading, this means that your cat is extremely pleased and happy – great news!

4.     Head butting for fun!

AdobeStock 167207780 scaled

You may not have known this, but Whisker’s head butting you is actually his sincerest form of affection! It obviously isn’t as well received among humans, but for cats – it’s the business! So, just what happens when your cat head butts you? Well, when Whiskers rubs or nudges or pushes his head against you, he is also releasing feel good pheromones as a result of his love and adoration for you.

We should probably also mention that this is your cat’s way of establishing his ownership over you as these pheromones mark you as his territory. But don’t complain about it, he still loves you enough to make you his!

5.     Kneading away!

AdobeStock 142224974 min scaledWhen your cat kneads your face, a blanket, pillow, towel, or anything that is available – this is a great sign for love and comfort! Kneading is developed naturally in kittens as they will knead their mom’s tummy to stimulate milk production, consuming milk makes them feel content. When they continue with this behaviour as an adult cat, then it is thought that Whiskers is expressing his contentment being around you. Knead away, feline friends!

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6.     You might just trip over him!

AdobeStock 555097791 scaled

If Whiskers feels a lot like your shadow as he rubs himself against you when you’re walking, making him more of an object to be tripped over rather than a cat, he is just showing you some affection, a hug of sorts. So, don’t be worried about your cat being out to get you in making sure you fall over him, he is just giving you another sign that you are his human, and he loves you.

7.     Those purrrrfect purrrrsss

AdobeStock 603412755 scaled

We all know that when a cat purrs – this is a clear sign of content. But! If Whiskers purrs for no reason other than you maybe giving him some attention or just calling his name, then this is an incredibly good sign. Purring also has health benefits for your cat, it lowers his heart rate, helps him to relax and some experts believe it may even have the same effect on you! Pretty purrrrect – right?

8.     Cat napping with you

AdobeStock 477377033 scaled

Cats love to sleep, so much so, they invented the cat nap! But, when your furball decides to curl up on you or next to you (this includes covering your entire face so that he can get a good sleep), then this is the BIGGEST compliment of them all – he is sharing his cat nap with you! You are the chosen one! Tell everyone about it, photograph the moment, send the picture to your mom – tell the world!

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