Four ways your furbaby can be that pet

Being boujee and fancy is a full-time job, this is something your fur baby will definitely be able to confirm. Yet, the job can be a lot easier if you, dear pet parent, know how your fur baby can be that pet. And yes, there is a lot more to it than your doggo snacking on caviar and drinking San Pellegrino.

For example, there are certain accessories your fur child needs to wear and specific habits that they need to pick up on to reach influencer status. Ready to take a stroll down boujee lane? Let’s do it.

Boujee fur baby rule #1 — Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Being a fancy pup requires a healthy diet that consists of more than just dry kibble. Adding fresh fruits and steamed vegetables (approved for doggos) is a great way to make their food look aesthetically pleasing while providing a ton of nutrition.

Some vegetables you can add include:

  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Butternut

Some fruit you can add include:

  • Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Bananas
  • Mango

Boujee fur baby rule #2 — Hydrate with only the best bottled mineral water

If you want your fur child to be that pet, then giving them plain tap water is not going to cut it (and don’t even think about prepared still water!) As a pawfect pet parent, you will need to look at stocking up on Acqua Panna natural mineral water or Fiji artesian water.

And this water cannot be poured into the average dog bowl, so be sure to get something that represents their aesthetic in full.


Boujee fur baby rule #3 — Exercise regularly

As a fancy fur pup, exercising is essential – this is because being “that pup” requires daily training. Yet, the most important part of this exercise is to post about it on social media. So, be sure to snap some pawsome picks of your fur baby and get busy posting.

If, at any point, you feel worried that your fur baby might get hurt with training be sure to get them on comprehensive pet insurance.


Boujee fur baby rule #4 — Take power naps

Just like everyone needs their beauty sleep, so does your fur baby. Allowing them to take a much-needed power nap on their oversized bed (because obviously, they are sleeping on YOUR bed) is vital for the continuation of boujeeness.

So, be sure to give them some time to rest and, while they are in zzz land, take some cute pictures and be sure to post those on social media. This will allow everyone to see just how cute and fancy your fur baby is.

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