Why Oneplan’s Pet Super Plan is the Top Pet Insurance Plan for Boujee Pets

The best of the best. The top of the pops. Here’s what you need to know about Oneplan’s top pet insurance plan – the Pet Super Plan (the plan that’s got it all for your furry member of the family).

Oneplan’s plans range from essential, accident-only cover (pawfect cover for unexpected accidents) to their Primary and Hospital Plans, to the Classic Plan and finally, the best of the lot when it comes to benefits is the Pet Super Plan.

Let’s dig into this cuddle-worthy plan and find out if it’s the right match for you, shall we?

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Why the Super Plan is the Top Pet Insurance Plan for Your Pet

When it comes to benefits, this plan certainly has the health of your pet covered.

What is the monthly cost of this plan?

Premiums start at R430 per month and are calculated based on your pet’s risk profile.

What medical costs am I covered for?

Vet Visits – Up to R1 650 per visit (max 4 visits per year), up to R6 600 per annum

Vet visits include cover for: Consultations, radiology (x-rays), pathology (blood tests), and minor dental procedures.

You get 4 visits to your vet each year. Did we mention we also pay you BEFORE you see the vet? Don’t worry, we will get to how claiming works in a bit.

Routine Care – R900 per annum

This includes:

  • Sterilisation
  • Consultations for and/or vaccinations, deworming, flea control
  • Anal gland expression
  • Teeth scaling and polishing

Routine care is an important part of ensuring your pet leads a healthy and happy life. It forms a part of preventive care and helps detect and treat any underlying health concerns that could develop into more serious and costly medical procedures if left unnoticed.

If your pet requires a lot of routine care procedures or has a lot of expensive chronic medicines, you can DOUBLE this benefit amount (meaning you’ll get R1 800 per annum) by adding the Pet Med Booster to your plan for only R90pm – this add-on also waives all excesses on your claims!

Hospital Admission – Up to R58 000 per event

This is cover for accidents and illness for your pet where they need to be admitted to hospital for treatment.

Accidents are the things you don’t see coming. Like when your pet is hit by a car or is involved in a fight. Accidents are emergencies when your pet needs immediate medical attention.

Accidents do not include issues that have developed over time such as sores on your pet’s body or bone issues. They are things that happen quickly and require you to rush your pet to the vet because of the issue.

Here’s what accident cover includes:

  • Burns or electrocution, car accidents, falls from a height, actions of another animal, poisoning, near drowning or embedded foreign bodies (if Spike swallows a rock).
  • Trauma that results in fractured bones, lacerations, abrasions, punctures or wounds, gastric torsion (twisting of the stomach).

An illness is an issue (disease or sickness) that started after your cover began.

Here is what your pet is covered for:

  • Treatment that needs an overnight stay or surgery (this overnight stay needs to be suggested by your vet and not something you think is a good idea)
Post-operative care – Up to R5 250 per annum

This is for when your pet needs to undergo any sort of treatment after a surgical procedure to help them get back to their good old selves again.

This includes hydrotherapy, physio therapy, etc.

Kennel cover – R2 000 per annum

If something happens to you and you end up in the hospital and are unable to look after your precious pet, then we’ll cover the fees to keep them in a boarding kennel during that time.

You are covered for up to R200 per day and up to R2 000 per annum.

Burial & Cremation – Up to R1 500

In the unfortunate and heartbreaking circumstance where you have to say goodbye to your fur baby and let them cross the rainbow bridge, we’ll cover the admin expenses up to R1 500.

Up to 25% discount in the Onepet Store

The real show-stopper with this plan is that it allows you to save a whole lot of money on your pet expenses by giving you exclusive savings in the Onepet Store. This is a premium online pet store developed by Oneplan, which stocks only top quality products for your pet.

From premium pet food brands like Hill’s, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Montego, and more, to tick & flea, dewormer, chronic care, grooming, accessories, and pretty much anything else you could ask for!

The great thing about this discount is that, by saving every month on these expenses, it helps to offset the cost of your pet insurance premium, making it even more affordable!

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How does claiming work with Oneplan?

We get that life is complicated, which is why we make sure our insurance is easy to use, easy to understand and easy to apply.

We ensure everything we do is straight-up, simple and honest.

Which is why we created our claims system to make your life easier.

When it comes time to visit the vet, all you have to do is login to the smart Oneplan app and load your claim. We will then transfer the funds you need to your Onecard within seconds.

What’s a Onecard?

Good question! Your unique Onecard is sent to you when you become a member of the Oneplan Family. We preload funds onto this card for claims and you swipe it at your vet’s office as you would a debit card.

How do you know if this plan is right for you and your pet?

Finding the right pet plan can be tricky. The Pet Super Plan is the best pet cover you can get with Oneplan. It includes comprehensive cover for routine care, and accidents and emergencies. It’s everything you need, and more.

A few things you need to take into consideration

The breed of your pet

Your pet’s breed can have a lot to do with their health risks. Some breeds such as Pugs or French Bulldogs are known for developing breathing issues due to their short snouts. These issues require expensive surgery to be corrected.

Great Danes, on the other hand, are at very high risk for bloat, they also commonly suffer from hip dysplasia, as well as wobbler disease, and congenital heart diseases.

Your budget

Of course, it also comes down to what you can afford.

The age of your pet

Older pets are more prone to health concerns. The older your pet, the more comprehensive your pet insurance plan should be.

So, are you barking up the tree of the Pet Super Plan? Click here for a free online quote!

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