Pet wise in the month of October

Spring time generally means the arrival of kittens!

As a responsible pet owner, you owe it to your pet, and every animal shelter out there who works tirelessly to care for and home stray animals, to have your pet sterilised.

By having your kitten sterilised, you’ll help control the pet homelessness epidemic that troubles South Africa, and which in turn results in the thousands of instances of euthanasia every year.

The obvious reasons aside, many people are not aware of the additional health benefits that will allow your cat or dog to live a much healthier life.

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Cats that have been spayed before going into heat for the first time, have been shown to live longer, suffer from fewer uterine infections, and have a reduced likelihood to develop breast tumours. Likewise, having your male puppy neutered, helps prevent testicular cancer.

Sterilising your pets, does also help manage behavioural problems in both male and female animals. If you’ve ever owned a non-sterilised cat or dog, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Your kitten can be sterilised at quite a young age, but best to check with your local vet as to what age they prefer to do the surgery.

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