Should you get pet insurance for your French Bulldog? Plus 3 health risks to look out for with Frenchies

We discuss the health risks of Frenchies, the benefits of having pet insurance for your precious pooch, and what pet insurance costs.

Why we love French Bulldogs

It’s no secret that French Bulldogs are fast becoming of the most sought after and popular dog breeds out there. Just one look at their cute little faces and stocky little bodies, will make you want to get one, and who can blame you?

While French Bulldogs are best known for their adorable faces and characteristics, fun personalities, and relatively easy care, they do come with a few health risks as a breed in general.

The cost of owning a dog

Being a paw parent can come at quite the price. Basically, for any breed of dog, there are several medical costs you should factor into account:

  • Sterilisations
  • Vaccinations
  • Routine care
  • Check-ups
  • Dental care
  • Deworming
  • Tick control

And then there are the unplanned costs such as unexpected admissions for an accident or illness. When your dog comes down with a condition or is hit by a car, you end up having to rush him to the vet and you could end up paying in R10 000 or more out of your own pocket. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

With this in mind, it makes a sense that paying a small premium every month for your pet insurance will help you avoid having to put vet care bills on your credit card and will allow your dog to receive the best possible care when he needs it most.

So many pet parents are left in a horrible situation where their dogs are injured or in a medical emergency, but they simply cannot afford the vet bills and are left to opt for euthanasia as their only option. A good Pet Insurance plan will make sure you never have to be in this horrible situation.

French Bulldogs, as wonderfully cute as they are, come with their own set of health risks and potential issues that may arise in the future. Many of which could cost you a great deal in medical bills.

The health risks of French Bulldogs

Did you know that the cost of buying a French Bulldog ranges from R20 000 to R70 000? For that cost alone, you might want to look into getting insurance for your Frenchie so that they have health care when they need it the most.

If you are already the proud owner of a French Bulldog, then you are most likely on a first name basis with your vet. And, if you have been thinking about getting a Frenchie, then you should most certainly take into consideration what vet bill may come.

Here are a few of the unfortunate health risks associated with French Bulldogs:

1. Brachycephalic Syndrome

This term refers to dogs and breeds with shortened snouts – meaning they have a short nose. This causes a number of issues related to breathing due to the fact that their respiratory tracts do not easily allow for the free flow of air in and out of their lungs. All the cute little snorts and snuffles your Frenchie makes are actually just him trying to get enough air to breathe. Some Frenchies need to have surgery to correct breathing issues in their snouts, which can be very costly.

2. Intervertebral Disc Disease

The short and block-like form of a Frenchie with no tail is actually due to a spine that is slightly deformed, this means your dog will be susceptible to various back issues. Intervertebral Disc Disease is when the discs between the vertebrae herniate or bugle into the space of the spinal cord, this can lead to severe pain, nerve damage, and even paralysis.

3. Ear/skin issues

A Frenchie has a host of skin and ear issues that require daily maintenance and, in some cases, an expensive diet and constant check-ups.

The case for pet insurance

We promise we’re not trying to scare you with this information but rather ensure you are informed. That being said, you can start to see why it is a good idea to make sure you Frenchie is insured to save you from the financial stress of vet care so you can just worry about the cuddles and love. If your Frenchie is already a few years old, then you can still get pet insurance, as long as he is younger than 9 years old. And, if you are planning on getting a Frenchie puppy, then make sure you get him insured from the start.

If you’re looking for pet insurance that will truly meet the needs of your Frenchie baby, Oneplan is Pet Insurance built by a team of people who love pets and Frenchies as much as you do. We love their wide range of plans, their comprehensive benefits and that they pay you before you see your vet with their nifty Onecard and tech savvy app.


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