Vet's Corner

Pet wise in the month of November

Beat the vaccination rush! November is the month where it suddenly dawns on pet owners that in order to have their pet accepted at their preferred kennel or  cattery, while they go off on their December break, that they need to get their pet’s vaccinations up to date. Why this author just a few hours ago, […]

Pet wise in the month of October

Spring time generally means the arrival of kittens! As a responsible pet owner, you owe it to your pet, and every animal shelter out there who works tirelessly to care for and home stray animals, to have your pet sterilised. By having your kitten sterilised, you’ll help control the pet homelessness epidemic that troubles South […]

Pet wise in the month of September

The 28th of September is World Rabies Day. Most people think of Rabies as being this incredibly rare and ‘unlikely to encounter disease’ – more akin to the bubonic plague, but unfortunately there are instances of rabies deaths in South Africa every year, and sadly it’s generally children who succumb. Rabies is entirely preventable, but […]

Making sense of Pet Insurance

For the same reasons that we take out medical aid cover for ourselves and our dependents, so we consider the risk of extraordinary veterinary costs arising for our pets, and consider the benefits of getting medical cover for them too. It is crucial to understand that not every pet medical insurance plan is created equal. […]
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