Fireworks and Animals: Protecting Your Pets on NYE

New Year’s is just around the corner and if your precious pooch gets the shakes, then here is how to keep them calm

The festive season is here and with it comes gifts, family time, beach weather, delicious feasts and of course – fireworks. As beautiful as those shiny, sparkly things are, fireworks and animals just aren’t a great mix.

Of course, some animals don’t have any issues with the sound and sight of fireworks. Hunting dogs, for example, are used to the sound of rifles, but other pets are not used to such loud noises and the festive season can be an incredibly stressful time for our precious pooches (and us!).

There are a number of pets who run away, and this can be incredibly stressful for a pet parent. It’s also important that your pet has a collar with your contact details on it and is microchipped.

Why does my pet get scared during fireworks?

It is completely natural for animals to be scared of such loud noises. These sounds trigger their nervous systems and result in them getting afraid or anxious. Running away is actually a survival instinct.

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Remember, fireworks are different to other loud noises such as thunder, these sounds are natural whereas fireworks are closer to the ground, accompanies with sudden booms and more vibrant in flashes and smells of burning. All these sights, sounds, and smells can be incredibly overwhelming for your pet.

Here are some simple tips on keeping your pets calm and making New Year’s an enjoyable time for you and your furry members of the family.

Top tips on fireworks and animals

1.     Be prepared

Make prior arrangements to keep your pet in a place where they will be away from loud and scary firework displays. A family member or friend’s home is a great idea. Somewhere where you know they will be far away from fireworks.

Obviously, this is not always possible as you might be on holiday somewhere. But if you have a friend or relative who lives on a farm, ask them if they can take your precious pooch for the night.

2.     Create a safe place for your pets

Get a crate or create a fort with pillows and sheets for your animals to feel safe and protected in. Make sure your pet is in a closed room or a doghouse where they cannot leave your property or escape. When the fireworks start, give them something yummy to eat and bring them to their pillow fort.

3.     Medication

Sedation can sometimes be your best bet. Speak to your vet about what’s safe forms of sedation there are and what will be best for your furry friend. Most pet stores and vets will stock various forms of medication that have calming effects. If it is in pill form, hide the tablet in a piece of soft food and feed it to your pet or liquid form can be added to dry food.

4.     Communicate with your pets

If you are going to be with your fur baby during the New Year’s fireworks, then tell them not to worry and to relax in a calm and soothing voice, stroke them and put a blanket over them if need be. Your pet will look at how you are behaving as his pack leader and base their emotions and actions on this.

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If you are freaking out more than your pet, then they will also start to act anxious and stress out. Stay calm, deep breaths, and talk to them calmly. The trick is to act like nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

5.     Go for a walk before the fireworks start

Make sure your dog is tired and has exercised before the fireworks start. This helps them to be more relaxed and not have enough energy to get too worked up.

Of course, make sure you also have pet insurance for just in case something does go wrong. And what’s more is that you should have Oneplan Pet Insurance because they pay you BEFORE you see the vet and you can go to any vet you like! So, if you are on holiday and something happens, then you can take your dog to the local vet.

Happy holidays!

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