How to exercise your dog in the winter

While our pawfect pals grow their winter coats, we tend to pack on the pounds, and consequently, our pets adopt our lethargic, unhealthy approach to life.

Believe it or not, our pets, just like us, are more susceptible to illnesses such as sinus and throat infections, and lung disease during winter. Keeping them warm and active goes a long way towards boosting their immune systems.

For both people and their pets, keeping a regular exercise routine can be difficult, but increasing blood circulation will help raise core body temperature (not to mention get you and your furry bestie summer body ready!).

Here are some tips on how to exercise your dog in the winter:

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1. Keep them warm while they’re active

For older dogs, make use of dog jackets and coats to provide added insulation and extra protection from the harsh winter elements.

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2. Be strategic about walking times

In addition, make sure to take them for walks in the warmer hours of the day, as older dogs can suffer from the pain of arthritis. A good pet insurance provider may also cover pain medication costs for pets suffering from arthritis.

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3. Take exercise indoors

Further, indoor activities are a great option for bonding time and keeping pets active on a cold day. Playing fetch with a ball or stick in the home (keep away from expensive ornaments) is always a fun healthy activity for dogs.

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4. Get your zen on!

For those really serious about warm indoor exercise activities for pets, why not try out doggie yoga, which has become the latest craze in the United States and Asia!

Yes, now your dog can find inner peace. Apparently, dogs can also benefit from dog yoga if suffering from knee and hip problems. At the very least, it’s something different from a walk in the cold. Who knows; your pooch could end up the next Zen master!

Whatever your preferred form of exercise with your pooch, we hope you keep warm and fit this winter!


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