Top 5 Pawesome Dog Friendly Parks in Cape Town

We’ve rounded up our favourite dog friendly parks in Cape Town for you and your pooch to explore

If we are being completely honest, dogs aren’t just loyal companions but a rather great excuse for you to get up and get out! Your pup is always up for the next adventure, so why not lean into the great fitness opportunity and better explore your beautiful city? And with so many awesome dog parks scattered throughout the city, who wouldn’t be up for a little change of scenery? We know your dog is.

So, grab the sunscreen, the leashes and water bottles because you’re going to need them for our top dog park picks that will help keep you and your furry friend happier and healthier!

Our pawsome doggy hot spots in the windy city


De Waal Park, Oranjezicht

If any dog park on our list knows how to make a great first impression, it’s definitely De Waal Park. With an incredible Victorian fountain at the entrance of the park, what more could you ask for?

This fabulous community park is located on the leafy periphery of the City Bowl in Oranjezicht and is the perfect location for you and your paw pal to engage in some outdoor fun. The unique outdoorsy spot has an awesome pathway on the periphery, which makes for a great little jogging track for you and the doggo. It is also a perfect place for your dog to socialize with other well-behaved and good-tempered pooches while you relax under the shaded areas.


Leadville Dog Park, Sunningdale

Located in sunny Sunningdale, the Leadville Dog Park in Cape Town is a definite must-see! This specific dog park is known for being the go-to spot for after-work strolls with your dog because they deserve a little outdoor fun (even if you’re not exactly up for it).

With great open spaces, your furry friend has all the room in the world to run around, get some exercise in and socialise with the other dogs.

The park also has specific areas designated for smaller pups that are a little more timid and shy, and another area for the bigger and more boisterous and energetic dogs to run amok; just to make sure that everyone is having fun but also staying safe.


Rondebosch Park

Okay, this location is more than a simple park. It’s a monument! This park, which used to be a part of Rondebosch Common, is one of the Cape’s oldest communal parks and was established in 1870 by the local municipality.

But we aren’t here to give you a long-winded history lesson. Instead, it’s just proof that this park continues to be a popular destination for everyone (both canines and humans).

With a wide-open lawn, your furry friend is able to run freely while you catch your breath on the nearby benches. There are also quite a few tree-lined paths that you can use for a leisurely walk or jog. This gorgeous retreat is a must-see if you find yourself in the heart of the Southern Suburbs.


Maynardville Park

If you are in the mood for some serious greenery (where the dogs are actually allowed to run on the grass) then you’ll love Maynardville Park. With the lushest, most well-kept grass you’ve ever seen, escaping the concrete jungle has never been easier.

There are also so many things to keep you and doggo entertained for hours! There is a sweet little duck pond, paved pathways for a good old walk and a vast amount of land for you to freely explore!


Green Point Park

Alright, this park is one of the best things to hit the Windy City! With spectacular views of both the Cape Town Stadium and magnificent mountains, this little oasis is filled with plenty of grassy lands for you to enjoy. It’s also incredibly easy for you and your furry friend to explore and bask in the rich outdoor experiences that this location has to offer.

Your leashed pooch (or even your cat, if you’re into that) will also have plenty of space to enjoy some good old fashion exercise. Loved for its dog-friendliness, where your dogs aren’t just welcomed but encouraged, this natural beauty also has some great paths, so whether you and your fur baby want a more leisurely walk or something a little more challenging they’ve got it all.

Your dog park packing list

Now, this wouldn’t be a complete guide without a few tips on what to bring along with you to the park. So, here’s what you’ll need to pack in the car:

  • Water
  • Dogs leashes
  • Sunscreen
  • Bags for poop
  • Hats
  • A little picnic
  • Your Onecard

Okay, but what is this “Onecard?” If you aren’t sure of what this card is, then you (and your fur baby) are in for a treat!

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So, should anything happen whilst you’re at any of these parks (because accidents do happen), you have peace of mind knowing that you can head straight to the vet to get them better quickly. Keeping your little family member in pawfect health! You can get a quote or sign up with Oneplan Pet Insurance online by clicking here.

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We are sure that these dog park options will not only help you better explore your city but ensure that your doggo loves you fur-ever!


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