Is Pet Insurance Worth It? 4 Pawsome Reasons to Get Pet Insurance

As pet owners, we have all had that moment where we’re considering pet insurance for our fur baby and then wonder to ourselves, “is pet insurance worth it?” Well, we’re here to explain why it really is, and give you some important reasons why having pet insurance can make all the difference.

It can be a pretty daunting task to find the right pet insurance provider that suits your pets needs and of course, your pocket. The trick is to never compromise on quality.

Simply put – cheaper is NEVER better. The thing is, you want to find a pet provider and choose a pet plan that gives you great cover but doesn’t cost an arm and a paw. Let’s first cover the most important question (and we get asked this a lot).

Is pet insurance worth it?

Before we bark out the answer, let’s look at a scenario:

You and your dog are spending a great day out in the park when suddenly your precious pooch is attacked by another dog. You rush him to the vet and the surgery bills amount to R15 000. Do you have that kind of cash lying around? Another example might be something more long-term where you find out your cat has cancer. The treatment for this alone will amount to thousands of rands. Never mind the cost of surgery.

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Then there are the ongoing costs of routine care like dental cleanings, check-ups and deworming. Starting to get the hint? Pet insurance helps cover the costs of both routine and emergency care (depending on your chosen plan of course). For a small monthly premium, you are covered for the unexpected, expected and everything in between.

4 Reasons to Get Pet Insurance

Whenever we get asked about which South African pet insurer is the best option when it comes to affordability and value, we always recommend Oneplan Pet Insurance. There are so many reasons to love them, but these are just a few.

1.     Get paid before you see your vet

Oneplan has changed the game when it comes to claiming with their simple and easy system that pays you BEFORE you see your vet. How they do this is with their Oneplan Claim Card and App.

Here’s how this works:

When you become a Oneplan client, they will send you a Oneplan Claim Card. This card is basically like a debit card that you use to swipe and pay at your vet’s office. All you have to do upload your claim on the Oneplan App and the funds will be transferred to your card within seconds.

2.     Paperless claims

All claiming is done through their smart and simple Oneplan App. This means that you don’t have to waste precious time (that you could be enjoying in the park with your pet), filling in forms. Simply upload pictures of your documents onto the app and the rest will be taken care of by their claims team.

3.     Cover for vet visits and emergency care

Depending on what pet plan you choose, their Pet Plans include a wide range of cover options. Their Pet Primary, Classic, and Super Plans include cover for vet visits. To break it down, here’s what your pet is covered for:

Vet Visits:

  • These include: consultations, radiology (x-rays), pathology (blood tests) and minor dental procedures.

Routine care:

  • Sterilisation
  • Consultations for and/or vaccinations, deworming, flea control
  • Anal gland expression
  • Teeth scaling and polishing

Emergency care for accidents and illness:

  • These include things like when your pet is hit by a car or gets sick.

4.     Keep your vet (or go to ANY vet of your choice)

Another great thing is that Oneplan lets you go to ANY vet of your choice. Unlike other pet insurance providers who have a certain network of vets you have to choose from, they let you keep your vet, or choose any vet you like. It’s just another way they make pet insurance simple and cuddle-worthy.

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What pet insurance plan is right for me?

If you are ready to pick a pet plan, then you might be wondering what plan you should choose. Well, it’s always a good idea to think about the needs of your pet and your budget.

For example, some dogs like pugs tend to know their vet on a first-name basis due to hereditary issues like breathing problems. If this is the case, then you might want to look into a more comprehensive plan. If your pet is in good health, young and bounding through life, then maybe just a pet hospital plan is your best bet.

If you’d like to see which of Oneplan’s Pet Insurance Plans is best suited to your fur baby, you can get a quick & simple online quote here, or take a look at a breakdown of their plans here.

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