5 Paw-some Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You & Your Pet

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we can’t think of a better way to spend the day than with your favourite furry companion. There’s no one more loyal, loving, and attentive than your FUR-ever friend. We’ve got some re-bark-able date ideas for you and your pet!

There are very few people who are there for you or who understand you like your pet, so why not devote this Valentine’s Day to your furry friend? There are so many things you can do to bond with your pet that are cost-effective, fun and that will leave your pet filled with love.

Want to know the best part? Spending extra time with your furry friend helps to alleviate your stress, feelings of anxiety or depression and offers your pet feelings of safety and love. We’ve found 5 of our favourite date ideas that you can use to spoil your pet.

5 purr-fect Valentine’s Day dates

1.     Go on a walk or a hike

This is best suited for those of you with doggos. You can find a dog-friendly hiking trail or head out on a fun little walk. Whether you’re exploring a new trail or hitting your all too familiar neighbourhood loop, heading outside with your pet can have many positive effects on their health and yours.

Here’s a list we made of the Top 5 Pawesome Dog Friendly Parks in Cape Town.

Make sure you also have comprehensive pet insurance so that your fur baby is covered should something happen (heaven forbid) while you’re out on the trails. We highly recommend Oneplan Pet Insurance for their super quick, pre-paid claims system that lets you load funds to your Onecard for vet visits via the Oneplan App BEFORE you even get there!

Pro tip: Make sure it’s not too hot that day, that you’re wearing comfy shoes, and your pup has plenty of water.

2.     Have a (meow)vie night

To be clear, we mean a movie night. We just can’t resist a pun. Pick a new movie or a classic favourite (we highly suggest skipping Marley and Me), make some delicious popcorn for yourself and get a couple of treats for your furry friend. Curl up on the couch with your little best friend and get some much-needed cuddles.

3.     Get pam-pawed

This is possibly our favourite date idea! You can easily do this from the comfort of your own home. Head out and get yourself some pamper products like a face mask, a bath bomb or some new nail polish. Get some pamper goodies for your pet which can include a great brush, a new shampoo, and your massage skills.

Set up your own little pamper area with all your goodies, give yourself a pedicure or put your face mask on and then give your fluffy companion a massage and a thorough brush. This is a great way for the both of you to relax after a long day and for the two of you to bond.

4.     Treat yourselves

There are some amazing restaurants, cafes and bars that are pet-friendly. Get yourself dressed up, put a leash on your floof and head out for some puppuccinos. Your pet will love going out on an adventure with you and you get to leave the house and devour some delicious treats.

Need some suggestions? We can recommend these 8 dog friendly Restaurants in Joburg.

Remember: It’s important that your pet is well behaved and that you keep all petiquette in mind!

5.     Set up a playdate

This is a great option whether you want to have a date alone with your pet or you want to invite a friend and their furry friend. You could get your pet some new toys and either set up the playdate at home or take them to a dog park for some more space to stretch their legs.

Valentine’s Day often has a negative connotation to it, whether it’s because it can be seen as a money-making scheme or a day for people who aren’t in relationships to feel alone. By changing the narrative of this day to one where you can bond with your pet, have fun, and do whatever you want to, you can learn to love Valentine’s Day again.

As we said, there’s no one more loyal, loving and a better companion than your furry bestie!

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